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2012 ESSARP Conference

Who is this Conference for?

Heads and teachers involved in bilingual education who wish to network with other bilingual educators in the region and listen to internationally renowned speakers explore the latest trends in the present educational scenario.

What is the theme of the Conference?

“Educating for a Changing World”

Schools worldwide are confronted with the crude reality that our present school system is not ready to respond to our learners’ present and future needs, prepare them for jobs which still do not exist and incorporate the new learning technologies. This is enhanced by the fact that knowledge can be accessed freely and widely and global communication has transformed intercultural awareness. Which are the main issues we must address to do things right at school? What should our school curriculum cover? How should we select, train and motivate teachers for this quest? How should teachers teach and assess in this new context? How can we secure learning for all?

We believe this event can help us find creative answers to these questions and design new schemes with other fellow educators.

What topics will be covered?

·         Educational Change in Finland: stories of success
·         Quality and Equity: considerations for policy and practice
·         21st Century Curriculum
·         New Literacies: Digital, Media and Global
·         Future Schools Now
·         Influential Leadership: Lessons from Julius Caesar
·         Bilingual education
·         Science Enquiry
·         School collaboration
·         Neuroscience and Education
·         The role of interactive whiteboards in Teaching and learning
·         Synthetic Phonics
·         Leadership right from the early years

English is the official language of the event but simultaneous interpreting will be available for those who request it in their registration forms. These sessions will be highlighted in the programme.


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