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Planilla de inscripciones estimadas CIE 2010

Centres are required to record in this spreadsheet an estimate of the number of candidates that they are expecting to enter for the syllabus/option for  the June 2010 examination session. We appreciate that at this stage you will not be able to give us exact information, we are simply asking for your best estimate. If you find it difficult to estimate the number of candidates that you will have, we advise that you complete the spreadsheet on the basis of the number of candidates studying for particular subjects. If you are unsure whether you will be entering candidates for specific components, we advise that you complete the spreadsheet on the basis that the candidates will enter.

An estimated entry does not constitute a final examination entry. You are still required to provide CIE with detailed candidate entry information by the dates shown on the appropriate Administrative Calendar.

Why does CIE require Estimated Entry Information?
CIE starts planning an examination session many months in advance of live examination entries being received. To aid the planning process, we need an indication of the number of candidate entries that are likely to receive for each option. This information is used in the recruitment of examiners and moderators and in ensuring that sufficient quantities of question papers and other assessment materials are printed. We also use estimated entry information as a guide when creating our mailing lists for certain key despatches of examination materials.

What happens if my Centre fails to submit an estimated entry form?
As stated above, certain dispatches of key examination materials are based on the estimated entry materials that we receive. Failure to submit estimated entry information may affect CIE's ability to provide the following materials to the agreed schedule:
• Final Entry Documents
• Materials for oral and practical examinations.
It is compulsory that all Centres submit estimated entries to CIE.


Find the Electronic Estimated Entry Form below in the "Additional files for download" section. Please read the instructions on the form on how to complete it.

If you find any problem, please enable the "macros" as instructed here

If the Centre would prefer to use the paper based Estimated Entry Spreadsheet, click here to download a pdf version (you must print, complete and fax to CIE the front page of this form and only those pages where the Centre has entered estimated entries).

Published: 2012-12-07 17:02:08


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