S671 - Carol Ann Duffy - Selection of Poems (IGCSE Set Text 2020/2021/2022)

  • Ciclo: 2019
  • Nivel: Secondary
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Terminado
  • Lugar: ESSARP
  • Capacitador/es: Julia Fernández Armendariz, Maria Victoria Llera

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1 09 Aug 2019 05:30 PM 08:30 PM
2 16 Aug 2019 05:30 PM 08:30 PM
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Julia Fernández Armendariz

Julia Fernández Armendariz graduated as an English teacher from IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan R. Fernández, where she also completed specialization courses in English Literature and British History. She holds a BA in Education from Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and a Postgraduate Certificate in English Studies from The University of Nottingham, England. Her areas of specialty include Postcolonial Studies, Border Theory and Historical Fiction. She teaches Literature II at IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan R. Fernández", and English Literature IV and British Culture I at ENS en Lenguas Vivas "Sofia B. Spangenberg". She also works at Secondary school level both in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires.

Maria Victoria Llera

Victoria Llera is a Graduate Teacher of English from I. E. S en Lenguas Vivas "J. R. Fernández" and holds a BA in English Language from the University of San Martín. She is currently specializing in English Literature II and Literary Movements of the Twentieth Century at the I.E.S.L.V. “Juan Ramón Fernández” while teaching IGCSE/AS at Colegio Jesus Maria, Recoleta. She has taught IB Language B and has been working at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Philosophy and Letters, teaching language and delivering courses on Postcolonial Literature for the last six years.


IGCSE Literature teachers and poetry lovers


- To help teachers become less intimidated by the poetry selection in IGCSE exams, since the thematic concerns and possible multiple interpretations provide freedom in the links that can be established between the world of the poems and one’s own.
- To promote a contextual and stylistic analysis of the poems .
- To provide literature teachers with ideas and possible pathways to analyse and work with the poems in preparation for the IGCSE Literature Exam.
- To discuss ways of facilitating students’ reading and interpretation of the poems.


The following 15 poems by Carol Ann Duffy:
* “Head of English”
* “Recognition”
* “Foreign”
* “In Mrs Tilscher’s Class”
* “The Draling Letters”
* “The Good Teachers”
* “A Child’s Sleep”
* “Prayer”
* “War Photographer”
* “Stealing”
* “Originally”
* “We Remember your Childhood Well”
* “In Your Mind”
* “Valentine”
* “Death of a Teacher”


- Guided group reflection, analysis and exchange of ideas on each poem. - Focus on devices that make up the style of the author, allowing for debates on techniques and language that carry through the different poems.


- Articles on specific poems will be provided along the course.
- Chevalier, J. and Alain G. Dictionary of Symbols. London: Penguin Books, 1996.
- Cox, M. The Poetry of Carol Anne Duffy: The World’s Wife. Philip Allan Updates, 2005.
- Duffy, C. New Selected Poems 1984-2004. Picador.

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