D255 - Webinar: How to make the most of your IGCSE and AS Literature Courses

  • Ciclo: 2020
  • Nivel: Secondary
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: En curso
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Maria Victoria Llera, Julia Fernández Armendariz
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Sesiones Fechas Horario
1 29 Jun 2020 Sesión a distancia
2 06 Jul 2020 Sesión a distancia


Julia Fernández Armendariz

Julia Fernández Armendariz graduated as an English teacher from IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan R. Fernández, where she also completed specialization courses in English Literature and British History. She holds a BA in Education from Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and a Postgraduate Certificate in English Studies from The University of Nottingham, England. Her areas of specialty include Postcolonial Studies, Border Theory and Historical Fiction. She teaches Literature II at IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan R. Fernández", and English Literature IV and British Culture I at ENS en Lenguas Vivas "Sofia B. Spangenberg". She also works at Secondary school level both in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires.

Maria Victoria Llera

Victoria Llera is a Graduate Teacher of English from I. E. S en Lenguas Vivas "J. R. Fernández" and holds a BA in English Language from the University of San Martín. She is currently specializing in English Literature II and Literary Movements of the Twentieth Century at the I.E.S.L.V. “Juan Ramón Fernández” while teaching IGCSE/AS at Colegio Jesus Maria, Recoleta. She has taught IB Language B and has been working at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Philosophy and Letters, teaching language and delivering courses on Postcolonial Literature for the last six years.


IGCSE and AS Literature teachers


Very often we, IGCSE and AS Literature teachers, find ourselves struggling to cope with the demands of International exams and a very tight schedule, plus the demands of schools and the desire for our students to achieve significant outcomes and, most importantly, ENJOY our literature lessons. This becomes particularly challenging in times of pandemic, where virtual classes have become the centre of our teaching practices and students' motivation is an essential factor for learning. In this very difficult balance we need to make wise choices not to lose sight of any of the objectives and achieve desirable results.

In this workshop we will analyse all these variables that schools, students and teachers need to cope with and then move on to find easy ways out. Text choices will be considered together with ideas of activities, timing and exercises to make the best with what we have, especially under these atypical circumstances. More importantly, this workshop is designed to share our experiences, help ourselves and find solutions to our dilemmas!


-Presentation of the exams’ objectives, skills, papers, and most common work schedules in schools.
-Overview of the set texts in the syllabus 2020-2021. Main aims when choosing them. Advantages and disadvantages. Choice of genre in the Combined paper AS Language-Literature.
-Practical ideas, activities, games, writing exercises and time-savers.
-Group discussion and sharing of experiences, advice and personal views in times of virtual teaching.


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