D338 - Webinar - Homeschooling Part 4 - The Struggling Child

  • Ciclo: 2020
  • Nivel: Distance
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Confirmado
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Grace Vilar, Lucila Dighero
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Grace Vilar

She is a graduated English teacher who has 30 years of classroom experience and headship in bilingual schools in Argentina. She travels to the UK on a yearly basis to work in schools, work with the most renown Phonics and Literacy experts. She is a certificate Synthetic Phonics expert who works as a Synthetic Phonics Trainer, an Educational and Literacy Consultant and Teacher Trainer offering advice and providing training in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, in private and state schools. Grace is an IFERI Committee member: International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction, an Associate of Educators International: Professional Educators Volunteering Overseas for the Department of Education UK. She is the author of the Spanish Phonics Programme: Alfabetizacion en español.

Lucila Dighero

Lucila Dighero holds a Specialist in Education degree (Universidad de San Andrés) & a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education with ESOL endorsement (Florida International University, U.S.A.). At present, she is an Educational Consultant, pedagogical advisor and teacher trainer at ESSARP, Trinity College London Argentina and educational institutions She is a teacher educator and has designed several courses for profesional development, specializing in dyslexia, other learning and behaviour difficulties, and emotional education. Lucila has an extensive career in leadership roles in several distinguished biligual institutions in Buenos Aires. She lived in the USA for ten years where she gained teaching experience in inclusive education settings at primary and middle levels in public schools in Miami, Florida. She was invited by LAHC (Latin American Heads Conference) to join review teams to carry out institutional reviews in bilingual schools in México, Perú and Chile. She was a member of the ESSARP Think Tank from 2013-2016.


All Kinder 5 and Primary 1 teachers, coordinators, Heads and school therapists who are involved in the Literacy Phonics process


- Learn how to identify and recognize learning difficulties in the literacy process.
- Learn about screening tools and about intervention programs and support tools.


- The Simple View of Reading/Writing for identification
- Screening tools
- Identify the child, the difficulty.
- Possible causes for reading difficulty. Risk indicators for learning difficulties
- What do we do once the problem is identified.
- Intervention programmes: what, when, how long.
- The role of phonological and phonemic awareness
- Conducting phonological and phonemic awareness intervention
- Working with parents and supporting students through online platforms


This Webinar will be taken from the comfort of your home via ZOOM platform. Time: 17.30 to 19.30 It will be an interactive course


● Test for the early detection of reading and writing learning disabilities. F. Cuetos et. al (2015)

● DISFAM – Dislexia y Familia:
Protocolos de dislexia:≥protocolos
● International Dislexia Association (también disponible para lectura en Español):
● Learning Disabilities Online (también disponible para lectura en Español):
● Understood (también disponible para lectura en Español)
Multisensory techniques for teaching reading:

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