PS199 - How can my assessment practice enhance my students’ learning?

  • Ciclo: 2020
  • Nivel: Primary / Secondary
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Terminado
  • Lugar: ESSARP
  • Capacitador/es: Carlos A. González

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1 19 Feb 2020 09:30 AM 04:30 PM


Carlos A. González

Carlos A. González holds a Master’s degree of Arts in Education, University of Bath (UK), and is a teacher of English graduated from ISP “Joaquín V. González”. He has a wide professional experience in several institutions at primary, secondary, tertiary and university level as teacher, teacher trainer, coordinator and head teacher. He has published books on school management and assessment, and has adapted textbooks for EFL. He is a Speaking Examiner for Cambridge English examinations and for English Language at IGCSE and AICE level. At present he is the Headmaster at Barker College and lecturer on Assessment in the postgraduate course for teachers at Universidad de San Andrés.


Primary and secondary teaching staff


To provide a worthwhile experience in which teachers can critically reflect on the
significance and impact of formative assessment
To enable teachers to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding, and to become more
confident when they assess their students’ learning formatively
To develop skills which encourage formative assessment practice
To develop attitudes relevant to formative assessment

Learning outcomes
At the end of the sessions, teachers are expected to have
developed a sounder understanding of assessment, its aims and its impact
acquired skills and designed resources that will encourage them to systematize formative
assessment in their lessons
valued how formative assessment can enhance their own learning and their students’


Assessment of and for learning
Learning outcome
Assessment criteria
Formative feedback
Resources for AfL


Teachers will be encouraged to reflect on their understanding of assessment on the basis of their own theories and those of others. They will capitalize on their new learning so as to put into practice new formative assessment practice and design resources for their lessons.


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it into Practice. Maidenhead, Open University Press
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Lambert D and Lines D (2000) Undesrtanding Assessment. Purposes, Perceptions, Practice.
Cornwall, Routledge Falmer

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