D574 - Webinar - Cultural Programme - Reading and Media Breakfasts: Southern Amercan Gothic: three writers, three stories (W. Faulkner, F. O’Connor and C. McCullers)

  • Ciclo: 2021
  • Nivel: Distance
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Terminado
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Eugenio López Arriazu

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1 21 Aug 2021 10:00 AM 12:00 PM


Eugenio López Arriazu

Eugenio is a Ph. D. in Literature from UBA. He graduated from I. S. P. Joaquín V. González as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and from the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UBA, as Licenciado en Letras and Profesor de Lengua y Literatura. He currently teaches Literatures in English and Literary Theory at the Diplomatura Superior en Cs. del Lenguaje, I.S.P.J.V. González, and American Literature and Slavic Literatures at the UBA. He has taught Introduction to Literature, American Literature, and English Literature I and II at several Teacher Training and Translator Training Institutions.


Reading Group


- Acquaint participants to the historical context of the texts
- Acquaint participants to the themes, proceedings and textuality of the texts in a contrasted manner
- Establish relations with our current reality
- Foster critical thinking


We are all acquainted with the Gothic castles and ghosts of the 18th century and the doubles of Mr. Jekyll, Dorian Gray and William Willson in the 19th century. We are all acquainted with Gothic’s macabre events, monsters and vampires. Southern American Gothic continued this tradition, but to change it. It uses the Gothic tools to explore social issues and reveal the cultural character of the American South in a realistic style that flirts with the fantastic, but to relegate it. In this webinar, we are going to tackle three short stories by three American authors: William Faulkner (Mississippi, 1897-1962), who can be deemed the founder of Southern Gothic in the 20th century, Flannery O’Connor (Georgia, 1925-1964) and Carson McCullers (Georgia, 1917-1967). The three gave the Southern Gothic not only a clear local setting, but made it critical of the region’s history, society and culture. The three stories, whose style, symbols and points of view we are to study, are “Evangeline” by Faulkner, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by O’Connery and “A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud” by McCullers. The first story will give us the historical, racial, economic and social context of a South whose violence and “love” the other two will explore. A reality of the twentieth century that is hard to say has finished....


Since this will be an on-line course, participants will be provided with material for analysis and discussion of the short stories by e-mail. The seminar will be delivered through a video-conference platform. As usual, the coordinator will play the role of facilitator in order to elicit from participants their own criticism of the novels. The analysis of the texts will be, therefore, carried out not only through dialogue with the participants, but by the implementation of group-work, whose conclusions will be debated later with the whole group. Group-work will be carried out on-line in break-out groups monitored by the teacher.


O’Connor, Flannery, "Some Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction" (1960). Available at
Penn Warren,Robert (ed) (1966) Faulkner : a collection of critical essays. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall.
Graham-Bertolini, Alison and Kayser, Casey (eds.) (2016) Carson McCullers in the Twenty-First Century. Palgrave McMilllian, Cham.

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