D583 - Sharing Good Practice in Uncertain Times: Primary level (Language)

  • Ciclo: 2021
  • Nivel: Distance
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Terminado
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Natalia Yanel Louro, Liliana Gisela Piovaroli, Tatiana Luz Iaconianni, Gabriela Vázquez

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Sesiones Fechas Horario
1 03 Aug 2021 Sesión a distancia


Gabriela Vázquez

Tatiana Luz Iaconianni

Liliana Gisela Piovaroli

Natalia Yanel Louro


Teachers at Primary school level


1. Digital photo album: Integrating and blending language skills in meaningful contexts
Time: 5.30 p.m.
Natalia Yanel Louro
Natalia Yanel Louro is a English teacher graduated in Pbro Antonio Maria Saenz Teacher Training College in Lomas de Zamora in 2009. She has been teaching English at Grilli Canning College for the last fourteen years. Currently, she is working on a thesis on literature and cinematic studies in Universidad del Litoral. She took up different teaching courses: Visible thinking and Teaching for understanding to enrich her teaching practice. She is studying to become a Google Certified Educator.

The aim of this presentation is to show how we went over our first project with our sixth former students in order to integrate language skills authentically in our final task. Along the session, Natalia will show examples of some relevant tasks that pave the way for developing communicative competence and language skills. The project was carried out in a blended system (at school and virtually). Special attention will be paid to the final task in which students were able to integrate different language skills (the use of past simple and past continuous tenses) in a meaningful context. Students were asked to choose photos that illustrate special moments in their lives and describe what they were doing, how they felt, etc. Most of the students were highly motivated to show their productions and use language in a meaningful context.

2. Writing Pals during distance learning
Time: 5.50 p.m.
Liliana Piovaroli
Liliana Piovaroli is a Teacher of English at Florida Day School, where she has been teaching Creative Writing and Science to Junior 5 students since 2013. One of her most remarkable strengths is her ability to integrate innovative technological tools in her classroom, which has allowed a successful transition to distance learning during the pandemic.

Writing can be lots of fun by working in teams! In this distance learning project, students worked in groups to create a story. Through process writing they were guided to develop a story, following certain steps. Contextualized under science fiction, children were invited to invent a character and a setting. After that, they asked groups to write a story by combining their creations. They wrote a draft and a clean copy and, finally, they showed their creations to the class by using a digital tool of their choice. The experience proved to be enriching, allowing students not only to display creativity and language skills, but also to share and show collaboration in uncertain times.

3. Integrating Synthetic Phonics and PBL (Project Based Learning) through a story
Time: 6.10 p.m.
Tatiana Iaconianni
Tatiana is a graduate student from ISP Saenz and UNL. She has been teaching English to young learners for almost ten years and has been delivering the subject Professional Practice II at two teacher training colleges for the past three years. She also works as a Phonics trainer, carrying out seminars to train teachers to apply the method at different schools.

The aim of this proposal is to share how the use of a story can connect phonics and project work, becoming the linking thread between them. The current work shows how the main character of a story becomes the one who , by visiting certain locations, introduces new projects all along the way, focusing on the mastering of language systems, language skills and literacy development. Links between the new contents and their prior knowledge will also be established in the development of the project, which has been carried out in a blended learning context.

4. Digital Teaching Resources to make Homeschooling appealing
Time: 6.30 p.m.
Gabriela Vazquez

Gabriela is a Language Arts teacher at Godspell College. She graduated from the Instituto Superior Cultural Británico in 2006 and has been working as a teacher for 15 years now, mainly at Primary and Kindergarten school levels. In the past four years, Gabriela has taught Secondary learners as well. During 2020 she attended several ESSARP courses and webinars related to literacy. This year she has participated in webinars delivered by KEL, EDUTOPIA, ESSARP and INTEF. She has also completed the Diplomado Universitario de Capacitación Docente en Neurociencias from Asociación Educar. She considers herself an autodidact and enthusiastic learner.

The idea is to present teachers with technological resources and briefly explain their free features by showing them specific examples I have used in my lessons.
• How to create interactive classrooms using Google Slides
• How to turn language (grammar and vocabulary) activities into games with WordWall
• How to use to present Gamification elements for a formative assessment
• How to develop and bolster learner-teacher relationships dedicating one virtual meeting called Social Friday
• How to use to elicit ideas and get feedback from learners during a virtual meeting by asking them to give me feedback through


The structure of this webinar will consist in four consecutive 20’ presentations followed by a 10’ Q & A section. We will be using the Zoom platform for this webinar.

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