D586B - Webinar - The Reconstruction of the Haunt(ed/ing) West, in the Female Contemporary Short Story: Reading Battleborn, by Claire Vayne Watkins. Year: 2021

  • Ciclo: 2021
  • Nivel: Distance
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Pospuesto
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Patricia Veronica Green

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1 18 Oct 2021 05:30 PM 07:00 PM


Patricia Veronica Green

Patricia holds a Diploma and a BA (Hons) in English, from the University of London, and a Master in English Studies from the University of Nottingham. For the past thirty years, she has been teaching literature in English, at secondary level for the A/S International Cambridge Certificate of Standard Education and has delivered teacher-training courses for Secondary Language and Literature teachers. She has also delivered summer seminars on Academic Writing at the Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM). She has been speaker at the International Book Fair held in Buenos Aires in 2016 and 2017, and at the International Conferences of Literature and audio-visual aids in Foreign Languages in 2015 and 2017, and at the International Conference, Writing for Liberty, held at the UNSAM, 2019, where she has participated as panelist and Chair speaker. Currently, she delivers the Seminar on Postmodernism and Literature for the BA in English, at the UNSAM.


Literature teachers and Literature lovers


To explore Watkins’ short fiction within the context of American contemporary western genre, and the influence of the literary legacy of Kate Chopin and Raymond Carver.

- To encourage a contextual reading of the story that incorporates a revision and re- evaluation of genre conventions of the tradition of western fiction, the gothic and the mode of the grotesque in the tales.
- To analyse how Watkins’ fiction encompasses the thematics of space, in her representation of the west in the way it centers on the relation between the personal, alienated and jarred experiences, and the bereft geographical site.
- To examine the richness of the author’s prose that reveals the postmodern aesthetics, such as the hybridization of genres, like the epistolary form and the essayistic prose, the fictionalization of the past and of autobiographical facts.
-To foster an awareness of the innovative and subversive force of female short fiction and its ongoing literary and political relevance as regards her treatment of gender politics that tackle the themes of violence and abuse.


-Brief introduction to contemporary female short fiction, and the tenets of the contemporary gothic genre,and its convention and the features characteristic of the grotesque style or mode.

-Participants should read the following three stories for the session: The Past Perfect, the Past Continuous, the Simple Past; Ghosts, Cowboys and Man of War.


- Close reading of key passages in the short stories with a focus on the features of the gothic genre, the grotesque, and the tradition of western American fiction, in order to select relevant themes related to the politics of space, history and autobiography. - Group work: selection of relevant passages in order to fuel debates and discussions on the broader cultural and social themes that the stories foreground. - Upon closure, participants will be invited to respond critically to the texts, as a way of eliciting their own personal responses to the stories.


Battleborn: Stories. By Claire Vaye Watkins. New York: Riverhead Books, 2012.
Battleborn The AAG Review of Books 4(1):25-26 January 2016
DOI: 10.1080/2325548X.2016.1117346
Battleborn: Stories by Claire Vaye Watkins

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