D598 - Webinar- Cultural Programme: Reading and Media Breakfasts: "From Confinement to Freedom: A Look into Unorthodox"

  • Ciclo: 2021
  • Nivel: Distance
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Estado: Terminado
  • Lugar: Distance
  • Capacitador/es: Julia Fernández Armendariz, Maria Victoria Llera

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1 02 Oct 2021 10:00 AM 11:30 AM


Maria Victoria Llera

Victoria Llera is a Graduate Teacher of English from I. E. S en Lenguas Vivas "J. R. Fernández" and holds a BA in English Language from the University of San Martín. She is currently specializing in English Literature II and Literary Movements of the Twentieth Century at the I.E.S.L.V. “Juan Ramón Fernández” while teaching IGCSE/AS at Colegio Jesus Maria, Recoleta. She has taught IB Language B and has been working at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Philosophy and Letters, teaching language and delivering courses on Postcolonial Literature for the last six years.

Julia Fernández Armendariz

Julia Fernández Armendariz graduated as an English teacher from IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan R. Fernández, where she also completed specialisation courses in English Literature and British History. She holds a BA in Education from Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and a Postgraduate Certificate in English Studies from The University of Nottingham, England. Her areas of specialty include Postcolonial Studies, Border Theory and Historical Fiction. She teaches Literature II at IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan R. Fernández", and English Literature IV, British Culture I, II and III at ENS en Lenguas Vivas "Sofia B. Spangenberg". She also works at Secondary school level both in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires.


Literature lovers and fans of miniseries


- To introduce important notions of feminist theory as a framework to better understand the protagonist’s quest for liberation.
- To delve into the portrayal of Hasidic Judaism in the text and miniseries, the rules, the beliefs and the resulting gender roles.
- To comment on the miniseries’ adaptation of the novel, its narrative structure and symbolic scenes.
- To read and analyse key extracts from the literary work.


- Insight into feminist and post-feminist theories.
- Review of Deborah Feldman’s life, her books and their reception.
- Analysis of the main aspects of the novel and the adaptation the miniseries.


- Participants who enroll in this course will be sent the pdf version of the novel to read beforehand. They are also advised to watch the miniseries before attending. - Guided group discussion will be encouraged in order to analyse and enjoy the literary text and the miniseries.


Feldman D. (2012) Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots.
Gamble, S. (2006). The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism. New York: Routledge.
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Winger A. &Karolinski A. (writers). Schrader M. (director). (2020). Unorthodox. Retrieved from

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