EMUN 2018


Event: EMUN Conference in Argentina

Date: 22-23 June

Theme: Cities and sustainable urban development for communities

Venue: St. Catherine’s Moorlands School – Tortuguitas

Teams: 10-15 participants per school (ideally)

Age range: 15-18 years old


  • GA1 International Security and Disarmament
  • GA3 Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
  • GA4 Special Political and Decolonisation
  • GA6 Legal
  • Security Council
  • Environment Commission (EC)
  • Human Rights Council (HRC)
  • Special Conference on Cities and Sustainable Urban Development for Communities
  • Peacebuilding Commission

Delegations available

Information Concerning Applications to EMUN 2018 Press Team

Press Officers Application Form

Student Officer Application Form

School Delegations to be represented
Balmoral College

France (SC)

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Barker College

Benin (ECO)

Chile (ECO)

Saudi Arabia (HRC)

Bede’s Grammar School

Belgium (ECO/HRC)

Argelia (ECO)

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Belgrano Day School

Republic of Korea (HRC)


Cardinal Newman College United Arab Emirates (ECO/HRC)
Colegio Carmen Arriola de Marín



Colegio del Solar United States of America (SC/ECO/HRC)
Colegio French

United Kingdom (SC/ECO/HRC)

South Africa (ECO/HRC)

Colegio Seminario



Herzegovina (ECO)

Mongolia (HRC)

Del Viso Day School Rwanda (ECO/HRC)
Lomas High School

Amnesty International

Somalia (ECO)

Michael Ham Memorial College Kuwait (SC)
Michael Ham Memorial College Nordelta

China (SC/ECO/HRC)

Togo (HRC)


Modern School Croatia (HRC)
Northlands School 

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Sweden (SC/ECO)

Venezuela (ECO/HRC)

Northlands School Nordelta

Poland (SC)

Cuba (HRC)


Tunisia (HRC)

Pilgrims’ College Pacheco

Australia (ECO)


Southern Cross School

Colombia (ECO)


St. Alban’s College

Lebanon (ECO)



World Heath Organisation (WHO)


St. Andrew’s Scots School

Nigeria (ECO)

Iraq (HRC)

St. Catherine’s Moorlands



St. Catherine’s Moorlands Tortuguitas

Ethiopia (SC/HRC)



St. George’s College North

Kazakhstan (SC)

Ecuador (HRC)


St. George’s College – Quilmes


Equatorial Guinea (SC)


Philippines (HRC)

Russian Federation (SC/ECO)

Syrian Arab Republic

St. Hilda’s College Japan (HRC)
St. Mary of the Hills  The Netherlands (SC)
St. Mary of the Hills – Pilar Italy (ECO)
St. Nicholas’ School

Cote d´Ivoire (SC/HRC)

Vietnam (ECO)

St. Paul’s College

Brazil (HRC)

Egypt (HRC)

Stella Maris College – Christian Brothers Bolivia (SC)
Sworn Junior College Pacheco

Kenya (HRC)

Azerbajan (ECO)

– Meetings for MUN Directors at ESSARP (Esmeralda 672, 7º floor, CABA)

  • First Meeting: 22 March 2018 from 2 p.m to 4.30 p.m
  • Second Meeting: 3 May 2018 from 2 p.m to 4.30 p.m

– Meetings for Student Officers at ESSARP (Esmeralda 672, 7º floor, CABA)

  • First Meeting: 22 March 2018 from 10 a.m to 12 p.m
  • Second Meeting: May 2018 from 10 a.m to 12 p.m
  • Third Meeting: 21 June 2018 from 9 a.m to 11 a.m

Issues for EMUN 2018

  • GA1 International Security and Disarmament -Implementing measures to combat cyberwarfare
  • GA3 Social, Humanitarian and Cultural -The question of the rise of xenophobia and ultranationalist movements
  • GA4 Special Political and DecolonisatioN -The position of the Rohingya people
  • GA6 Legal -Criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on missions
  • Security Council -The situation in North Korea
  • ECOSOC -Promoting sustainable urbanisation -The question of transparency in financing sustainable development
  • Environment Commission (EC) -Promoting sustainable tourism towards economic growth -Enhancing renewable energy incentives
  • Human Rights Council (HRC) -Protection of the human rights of illegal migrants -Promoting education of refugee and displaced children
  • Special Conference on Cities and Sustainable Urban Development for Communities -Promoting the creation of more inclusive cities -Measures to empower city’s leadership and citizen’s participation
  • Peacebuilding Commission -Measures to prevent the recruitment and radicalisation of young persons by international terrorist groups -Promoting the involvement of non-state actors in education


EMUN Video 2018

Author: Magdalena Casserly

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