EMUN 2019

Event: EMUN Conference in Argentina

Date: 28 & 29 June, 2019

Theme: Inclusive societies – respecting different backgrounds, ethnic origins, religions and gender

Venue: St. Hilda´s College – Hurlingham

Teams: 11-16 participants per school (ideally)

Age range: 15-18 years old


  • GA1 – Disarmament
  • GA3 – Humanitarian, Social & Cultural
  • GA4 – Special Political
  • GA6 – Legal
  • Human Rights Council
  • Special Conference on Inclusive societies
  • Peacebuilding Commission
  • Security Council
  • Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
  • Environmental Commission


School Delegations to be represented
Balmoral College

Denmark (ECO)

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Barker College Colombia (ECO)
Ethiopia (SC/HRC)
India (ECO)
Bede’s Grammar School Bangladesh
Syrian Arab Republic
Turkey (HRC)
Belgrano Day School Democratic People´s Republic of Korea (North) Democratic Republic of Congo (HRC)
Brick Towers College Equatorial Guinea
Cardinal Newman College Japan (ECO/HRC)
Colegio Alas

Italy (ECO)


Colegio del Solar Poland (SC)
Colegio French


Cuba (HRC)

Colegio Mancedo TBC
Colegio Santo Domingo en la Sierra  Tandil Egypt (HRC)
Del Viso Day School Germany (ECO/HRC)
Lomas High School China (SC/ECO/HRC)
Michael Ham Memorial College

Afghanistan (ECO/HRC)

Republic of Korea (South) (ECO/HRC)

Michael Ham Memorial College Nordelta Venezuela (ECO/HRC)
Modern School Switzerland (HRC)
Northlands School Brazil (HRC)
France (SC/ECO)
Nigeria (ECO/HRC)
Northlands School Nordelta Amnesty International (HRC)
Sweden (SC)
Rwanda (ECO/HRC)
Pilgrims’ College Pacheco Ireland (ECO)
St. Alban’s College Canada (ECO)
Panama (HRC)
St. Andrew’s Scots School

Kazakhstan (SC)

Norway (ECO)

St. Catherine’s Moorlands School Belgrano USA (SC/ECO)
Saudi Arabia (HRC)
St. Catherine’s Moorlands School Tortuguitas Kuwait (SC)
St. George’s College North Netherlands (SC)
St. Hilda’s College

Sudan (ECO)

United Kingdom (SC/ECO/HRC)

St. Mary of the Hills Bolivia (SC)
St. Mary of the Hills – Pilar Viet Nam (ECO)
St. Nicholas’ School Russian Federation  (SC/ECO)
United Arab Emirates (ECO/HRC)
St. Paul’s College

Chile (ECO/HRC)

Iraq (ECO/HRC)

Sunrise School Mexico (ECO/HRC)
Sworn Junior College Pacheco Peru (SC/ECO/HRC)
Philippines (ECO/HRC)

– Meetings for MUN Directors at ESSARP (Esmeralda 672, 7º floor, CABA)

  • First Meeting: 28 March 2019 from 2 p.m to 4.30 p.m
  • Second Meeting: 2 May 2019 from 2 p.m to 4.30 p.m

– Meetings for Student Officers at ESSARP (Esmeralda 672, 7º floor, CABA)

  • First Meeting: 28 March 2019 from 10 a.m to 12 p.m
  • Second Meeting: May 2019 from 10 a.m to 12 p.m
  • Third Meeting: 27 June 2019 (Time TBC)

Issues for EMUN 2019

Security Council

-The question of the blockade of Qatar

-To Be Confirmed closer to the date

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

-Improving the awareness of the availability of micro-finances

-Strengthening coordination of efforts to combat human trafficking

Environmental Commission

-Implementing measures to improve international cooperation to reduce the use of plastic

-Lifting people out of poverty by investing in sustainable business

GA1 – Disarmament

-Implementing measures to prevent state sponsored terrorism

GA3 – Humanitarian, Social & Cultural

Strengthening measures to ensure the integration of refugees into society

GA4 – Special Political

-Implementing measures to improve the transparency of elections

GA6 – Legal

-The question of equality before the law and discriminatory penal legislation

Human Rights Council

-Combatting the growth of modern slavery

-Ensuring that refugee-children are experiencing equal rights as natives

Special Conference on Inclusive societies

-Strengthening resilience and safeguarding peace through employment and decent work

-Preventing the marginalisation of ethnic and religious minorities

Peacebuilding Commission

Combating intolerance, stigmatization, incitement to violence based on religion or belief

-Measures to improve the human rights situation of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories


EMUN Video 2019










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